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ALL-PRO Corner Wei Agab – Talib Talib seems that McDe’s offensive tactics are simply “mad”, Marcus Peters also agree with this word. Pites said: “His fast pace and tactical layout is very amazing, we are very tired, but it can also progress.”

Beor wrote in the statement: “Life teaches me one thing, change is inevitable, life is changed from time to time. My football career is over. I will retire from NFL. This is completely related to health. I am completely Health. Thank you Houston Texas people to achieve a dream, thank you for your support. I am very grateful. “

In the updated schedule, Titan will be held at 1 o’clock on the Eastern Time on October 25th. And the steel person against the crow will be conducted at 1 pm on November 1, November 1. Two games will be broadcast by CBS.

However, this interesting tactics did not circulate because of rule restrictions. In 1992, Wholesale jerseys the American University Rugby League revised rules, which prohibited from deliberately pushing the ball, the stroke and quadrants of the ball, and was prohibited as a quarter-saving deli. The NFL alliance has the same provisions in the 1960s. The so-called “policies, under countermeasures”, under the strict limit of rules, this kind of sea-style offense is still in the NFL game, but the sharp strike has become a full-war, and all offensive front lines are standing without switching. Fighting posture, this will not only confuse your opponent, while blocking the horizon. When the Carolina Blagers squatted from the right road, no one knows that he did not hold the ball.

Jones and Green were renewed with their respective teams in 2015, Green got a 4-year $ 60 million contract, and Jones won a 5-year $ 71 million contract. Given the recent players in the free player market, even if the Green Contract has been left for 3 years, you can also say that the contracts of the two do not match their value.

Haol was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma last June last year. This year, the disease was once recurred, but he returned to the big list in mid-October. Haorenado has played a total of 9 games last season (including the playoffs). During the playoffs lost by Texas, Haol participated in 58 files in 67 defenses.

It is also a kind of fraud-type attack. Only in the case where the opponent has no preparation, but also has a certain gambling nature, it is used to change the sky, and it is possible to play, this is a fraud-type attack. Also full of surprises. Not only that, fraud tactics have also become a cultural symbol of American football. In the classic movie “The longest one code”, the protagonist team in a wave of pursuit of reaching the arrival of the tactics, the tactics used “Yahe and the sea”.

The Alliance has expressed his hope to hold this game in the fourth week of schedule on Wednesday, which may be postponed to Monday or Tuesday. However, it is still a decision to further postpone a confirmed case. Today, the steel man and Titan’s round week will be moved to the fourth week, and the crow will be changed from the eighth week to the seventh week.

The ram players praise the coach Mac Wei’s attack tacticsLast year, the first coach Sean McVay made the ram completed the huge improvement, shocked the fans and alliances, and witnessed the new players who were taught to see more.

NFL announced that this game will be held to seventh week, while the competition of the steel man who is scheduled to be held in the seventh week will be postponed to the eighth week. According to informed people, there are currently seven players and 6 team staff virus test results for positive.

Titan coach Mike Frabel said on Wednesday that the fourth week will be used as a round week, and hoped to return to the team base next Monday or Tuesday. However, the League Chief Medical Officer Allen Hill Sills said that NFL did not determine the specific date of the Titan re-opening on Thursday, and the next few days would be critical.

Titan new crown clearance continues to increase and the steel man competition to the seventh weekAfter being postponed next Monday or Tuesday, Tennessee Titan, held in the fourth week of the season, will be held during the period. This is the first game that is postponed due to new crown epidemic.

Although the team has the right to fines the players who violate epidemic prevention, NFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Titan did not do this, indicating that they believe that there is no violation of the provisions in the team.

In the game competition, Minnesota Weijing, Titan, also closed the team base this week. However, after the diagnosis, Viking rebooted the base on Thursday morning and enhanced epidemic prevention measures. The game and Houston Texas will be carried out as scheduled.

The quarter-saving did not have delivery, but completed the ball with the center of the center, the right side of the offensive guard turned and took the ball and ran, and the defenders refused to see him. After all, it was a pass. Attacking front line, routinely without holding the ball promotion ability. In this way, the striker easily deceived a defense, when the second line defensive player reacted, it was already too late.

Author: Carla Scott