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[Event Review] The Second World War of the United States: Titan 20-13 defeated the patriot

The second outer card war in the United States is unfolded between the patriots and Titan.

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After opening, the patriot will attack, kick the ball Nick Folk hit 36 ​​yards. The patriot will first draw, 3-0 lead Titan.

Town Titan offensive, quad sean gay Ryan Tannehill 12 yards connected near-end Edane Anthony – Anthony Firkser completed Deta. Titan 7-3 Patriot, anti-ratio.

The patriot immediately took a counterattack, and he took over Julian EDELMAN.

Subsequently, the two teams abandoned each other, the patriot once again broke the deadlock, Camisetas de fútbol and completed 21 yards by the player Formo. Patriot 13-7 Titan.

The Titan offensive group quickly used the second to respond, this season, the snorkeling code king runs to Derrick Henry, the squad, the Titan 14-13 patriot, again.

In front of the half, the patriots tried four gears in the 48 yards in this half. The results of the four-point Wei Tom Braddy (Tom Brady) did not score, the end of the half, venta de camisetas de fútbol replicas Titan 14-13 leading patriots .

Easy to fight in the second half, both sides can’t complete the three-speed conversion, and venta de camisetas de fútbol replicas can only give the ball to each other. Although it is, the patriots are safe to Du Long-Harne (DURON HARMON) Critable Ninherel, complete the 4th copy of the career season, chasing the patriots, Thai, Law, list Historical third. But the patriot offensive continues to be weak, camisetas de fútbol replicas and even cannot advance to the range of shooting. The last 15 seconds of the round to the patriot from this part of the 1 yard, Braddy was attached by the patriot, and the latter came from 9 yards, and Titan has failed. But still defeat the patriot in 20-13.

In this game, Braddy 37 passed 20, pushed 209 yards, no reached, 1 case. It can be seen that Braddy is really old, he will be 43 years old next season, where is it worthwhile to look forward to it.

Author: Carla Scott