Fekunditas Dan Diameter Telur Ikan Lele Sangkuriang Clarias Gariepinus Hasil Budidaya

In order to get the expected results, cara pembesaran ikan lele components that should be thought-about are water content material, temperature and water salt ranges that have an effect on the standard of fish metabolism. The normal of water content in freshwater fish cultivation reaches pH and the temperature must be maintained at 25,5 °C- 32,7 °C and the salt content is 105μS – 120μS. For the numerous components that have to be thought-about then a system that can monitor the state of water at any time is required. This monitoring system makes use of Arduino uno as micro controller, outfitted with ph sensor, temperature sensor, salinity sensor, LCD, and buzzer. The readable knowledge will seem on the LCD and the buzzer will sound when one of the moisture levels is not at a standard quantity.

Fish fecundity was determined using the gravimetric methodology and egg diameter observations using a binocular stereo microscope. The results of observations which were made from 30 samples of sangkuriang catfish there are 24 samples containing gonads and 6 samples not having gonads. Of the 24 samples of gonads have Gonad Maturity Levels III and IV.

Ackerages used for the fish production have been increased 6 ha or zero,66%. The feeding coefficient is three,8 kg forty six,15% larger compared to the … It categorised into 5 teams; subsistence group , supplementary group , integrated group , specialised extraction group , and specialized cultivation group . The results confirmed that the native people used bioresources as main supply of livelihood at the core zone and buffer zone. There are 36 species of fish, 17 species of non-timber, and 28 species of timber utilized by area people. In the core area, the connection between SEG non-timber and timber is very important.

The highest fecundity of sangkuriang catfish eggs was sixty five,760 eggs, the very best fecundity outcomes had been from the pattern which had a complete fish size of 32 cm, a fish weight of 220 grams and a gonad weight of 19.7 grams. The lowest fecundity of 20,606 grains was obtained from samples that had a complete fish length of 27 cm, a fish weight of one hundred grams and a gonad weight of 8.seventy one grams. There is a relationship between fish weight and whole gonad weight with fecundity. Sangkuriang catfish has an egg diameter ranging from 1 mm–1.9 mm. Decision support techniques is a computer-based information system together with a knowledge-based system or the administration of data that’s used to assist determination making in an organization or individual. Sangkuriang catfish is one freshwater fish species are cultivated commercially by the folks of Indonesia.

Author: Carla Scott