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New Orleans Saint and Runs Alvin – Kamara Contains for about 5 years

Some teams still want to give high salary.

NFL TV Network Reporter Ian Rapople reported that the New Orleans Saints have agreed to renew the Alvin Kamara. The contract is 5 years, Kamara is able to get a new $ 75 million of salary. In counted, the total contract of Kamara is 6 years and salaries reached 77.333 million US dollars, including a guarantee of 343.33 million US dollars. Kamara can get a $ 15 million signature bonus in the next three months.

The two sides accelerated the speed of negotiations in recent weeks, and the rumors flew at the same time. We have seen Kamara Trims and Saints may deal the rumors of Kamara.

However, with the season, the final Kamara is still a new contract before going to the new season.

Kamara was originally coming to the last year of the rookie contract, the basic salary was $ 2133,000. Now the first three-wheeled junction will play to Saints to the 2025 season.

Although most teams do not want to take a huge contract for running guards, the saints do not only think of Kamara as running guards. He occupies an important position in the Saints Offensive System and can bring an advantage when it is. He can take a shock from the middle road in the front flight, and you can complete the ball from the outside in the back. His strength is enough to break through the wire guard, snappy logos free shipping and china wholesale jerseys usa the speed is enough to open the defensive guard.

Last season, during the injury of Drew Brees, Kamara became a team to attack the main heart. However, unfortunately, due to injuries, he was absent from 2 games last season, and he also admitted that injuries made himself unable to play. He completed 171 shots, with an average of 4.7 yards per shock, achieved 5 times, and completed 81 battles to get 533 yards 1 time.

If Kamara can stay healthy, he will be one of the most dangerous offensive players of the Alliance. Every time he holds the ball, he has the opportunity to achieve a score. If he can fulfill this new contract, he will be 30 years of age. If he still keeps healthy and state, then the contract is worth it.

At least, Kamara, now, can help the saints in the second super bowl of the history of the new season.

Author: Carla Scott