Medical nebulizers are mainly used to deal with different upper as well as lower respiratory conditions, such as colds, fever, cough, bronchial asthma, aching throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumoconiosis as well as various other illness that occur in the throat, bronchi, alveoli, and also chest tooth cavity. Nebulized inhalation therapy is a important and reliable treatment approach in the treatment of breathing illness. A nebulizer is utilized to atomize the liquid medicine right into tiny bits, and the medication gets in the respiratory system and also lungs via breathing inhalation, so regarding attain painlessness., The purpose of rapid as well as efficient treatment.


There are 3 major atomization principles utilized, one is an ultrasonic atomizer, one is a pressed atomizer, as well as the other is a mesh atomizer.

Ultrasonic nebulizer

Ultrasonic nebulizer: Use the principle of ultrasonic to atomize the liquid medication.

The nebulizer of the ultrasonic nebulizer is not discerning to the mist bits, so most of the drug particles created can just be deposited in the upper breathing system such as the mouth and throat, as well as because the lung down payments are small, it can not successfully deal with reduced respiratory tract conditions. The dry thick secretions in the respiratory system that originally partly obstructed the bronchus swell after taking in water and enlarge the breathing tract.

Air pressed atomizer

Air compression atomizer: additionally called jet atomization, it is based upon the concept of Venturi (Venturi) spraying. It makes use of pressed air to develop a high-speed air flow through a little nozzle, as well as the negative stress created drives the liquid or other liquids to be splashed onto the barrier., Sprinkling to the bordering under high-speed effect, the beads become mist-like particles expelled from the air electrical outlet pipeline.

The gas compression atomizer has the following advantages:

1. High-efficiency oil-free piston compressor, no air conditioning water during atomization, daily maintenance-free, simpler and extra convenient procedure; atomization of the initial medicine, no dilution, great clinical effect; practically no drug deposit, high drug utilization rate ;

2. It is extra practical to run and also use. The product is furnished with a 2-meter trachea, which has a large area for movement, and also can be used for sitting as well as existing. The atomization element is light and very easy to hold as well as put on;

3. The atomization makes use of the original medication atomization, the quantity of atomization breathed in within the family member therapy time is suitable, it is challenging to trigger the inner wall surface of the trachea to swell, cause the throat to be blocked, the atomized fragments are ultra-fine, and are not easy to clash and combine, and the human body is comfy to breathe in, And can get in the bronchus, lungs and also various other throat, the scientific result is very good, specifically ideal for the treatment of lower respiratory tract illness;

4. usb car pure essential oil nebulizer mechanical product, with extremely low failing rate, reduced maintenance expense, long service life, as well as typically utilized for 5-10 years.

Internet atomizer

With the up as well as down vibration of the vibrator, the liquid medicine is ejected through the openings of the nozzle-type web spray head, and also splashed by the micro ultrasonic resonance as well as the net spray head structure.

Clinical nebulizers are generally used to deal with numerous top as well as reduced respiratory conditions, such as colds, fever, cough, bronchial asthma, aching throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, respiratory disease, pneumoconiosis and also other illness that take place in the trachea, bronchi, alveoli, and also upper body cavity. A nebulizer is used to atomize the fluid medicine into tiny particles, and also the medication gets in the respiratory system as well as lungs through breathing inhalation, so as to accomplish painlessness., The objective of quick as well as effective treatment.

The nebulizer of the ultrasonic nebulizer is not careful to the haze bits, so many of the medicine bits generated can only be deposited in the top breathing system such as the mouth as well as throat, and also since the lung deposits are small, it can not properly treat lower respiratory system tract conditions. The completely dry thick secretions in the respiratory system that initially partly blocked the bronchus swell after taking in water as well as enlarge the respiratory system system. Resistance may create hypoxia, and also the ultrasonic atomizer will certainly create the fluid medicine to create decreases and also hang on the inner dental caries wall surface, which is not reliable for lower respiratory system diseases, and also the need for medicine is big, resulting in waste.

Author: Carla Scott